The concept of business tourism appeared in Belarus not so long ago. In our country, this practice is still in early stages, although the western neighbors have an industry for more than 20 years. Now business tourism is rapidly developing in 140 countries of the world: on the one hand, there is a growing interest and a conscious need for business travel on the part of manufacturers and companies providing any kind of services, and on the other hand, travel agencies appear, professionals in the field of business tourism.


       Business travel includes all types of travel that are not related to beach vacations, education and entertainment. We are talking about working goals trips, even in the case when the work is to be required in another state or city. Business travel agencies are ready to organize for clients:

• trips for business negotiations;

• corporate "contract" travel;

• attendance of conferences, seminars, exhibitions, other business events.

     That is, from any trips that can bring profit and benefit to enterprises “tourists”.

     Business tourism combines corporate travel industry and meeting industry (MICE). The abbreviation MICE consisting of four main components, stands for:

M – Meetings;

I – Incentives, incentive trips for the best employees of companies;

C – Conferences;

E – Exhibitions.

     The industry includes a variety of activities from the distribution and promotion of information, the development of an entertainment program or content to the technical support of the meeting.

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     Business trips provide fresh ideas for business development and Belarus is a new place on the business hospitality map.

     In the Republic of Belarus there is everything necessary for organizing business and corporate tourism: a favorable geographical location in the center of Europe, a rich historical and cultural heritage, picturesque natural landscapes, and economic potential.

     Every year not only numerous trade exhibitions and fairs are held in the country, but also international congresses, conferences and symposia of the highest level. As an active participant in world politics, Belarus regularly hosts government delegations, political and government officials from around the world, representatives of the diplomatic corps and large foreign companies, world celebrities, sports and pop stars.

     Advantages of the “Studia Otdyha” company:

•         wide experience and a well-coordinated team of professionals in the field of MICE tourism in Belarus and organizing business trips around the world;

•         individual approach to each client. Programming of vouchers taking into account the goals and possibilities of the customer;

•         the ability to minimize customer costs, by creating optimal tours;

•         official contracts and guarantees of high quality services provided.

     Our corporate clients can count on the whole range of high-class travel services, both in our country and abroad:

•         drawing up corporate programs that may include programs for recreation, entertainment and education. As well as programs aimed at encouraging employees;

•         ruling of transport issues abroad – the organization of ground service, car rental, transfers;

•         search and booking of any real estate, train and air tickets;

•         visa support, assistance in obtaining visas of any type.


If you have any questions or need assistance in organizing business tourism, please call:

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