Dear Colleagues!

   Belarusian travel company "ToBelarus" invites you to cooperate!

   We are leaders in the field of organization of tourism products in Belarus on the "turn-key" basis. Our company offers you organization of excursions to cities, historical sights and farmsteads.

   In 2018, about 30,000 tourists visited Belarus, using the services of our company.

   Our company provides a competitive high-quality product that best meets the needs of any tourists and provides, along with a full range of travel services: booking and reserving accommodation, organizing conferences, meetings, concerts, tastings and food and drink tasting events, quests and intellectual games.

   We develop travel programs both for large groups and for individuals, fill them with interesting events, unexpected surprises, delicious tastings and funs funny animations.

   For groups we organize events with a banquet in a restaurant with folklore parties in the Belarusian style, master classes in folk dances, we invite a DJs of your choice, i.e. we fully organize both cultural and sightseeing programs, and the parties. We meet our guests with the old Slavic custom of "bread and salt".

   Our guide conducts both classic sightseeing tours and excursion quests around Belarus. Thanks to the quest excursion, you can learn the "juicy" facts about the city, which are held back during the classic excursions. Tourists are involved in a real detective story, they help to solve a mystery. Questions, riddles, incredible stories, a walk through the old streets of the city with a visit to "hot spots". And, the most importantly surprises, treats (tasting of national dishes and drinks), gifts are waiting for tourists.

   As a tour operator specialized in reception of tourists in the Republic of Belarus, ToBelarus is pleased to offer you the following services:

Today our partners are the largest travel companies of Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia.  

   Our advantage is that we make up a unique and individual product, according to your requirements and specifities. We have accumulated vast experience in compiling programs and we are always aware of everything new and interesting. Our partners, in connection due to our productive cooperation, provide us with services on the most favorable conditions in such areas as: accommodation, meals and sightseeing and entertainment events.

   We will be happy to answer all your questions and send you examples of sample programs, cost of services and accommodation corresponding to the group’s budget and the group's request!

   Our guides will be pleased to prescribe group-specific individual routes and programs with sensitivities of accents on the Belarusian culture, cuisine and life.

   With respect, Konstantin Karachentsev and Vera Karachentseva.

   Our contacts:

Karachentseva Vera Olegovna. Director +375291627877

Karachentsev Konstantin Igorevich +375291887788