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Permission for Russian citizens

Russian citizens should apply to the Belarusian consular mission to open entry permit for scheduled education, employment or other long-term matters. Required documents:

  • Completed application form in Russian, Belarusian or English. Remember to specify reliable purpose of the travel;
  • Valid passport with 2 blank pages;
  • 1 color photo;
  • Medical insurance;

The original documents confirming the reason for entering the republic:

  • Business trip – the request of the Belarussian receiving side indicating the location of the company, the purpose and guarantees in compliance with laws;
  • Education – official document of a special form developed by the migration services of Belarus;
  • Long-term guest trip – written invitation on the official document in the migration department which should contain the reasons for a such long visit (sertificate from a medical institution for the care of seriously ill person, ownership titles in the case of property perchase etc).


     Belarusian Embassy in Russia deals with the issuanse of visas in 2019. Here Russian citizens can learn all the subtitles of the trip and visa.

     In all other cases, Russian citizens need to have only an international civil passport to cross the border. Therefore, Russian citizens can move to a permanent place of residence in Belarus.

     Checkpoints are considered formal procedure for passport control at the border. Stamps are not put in the passport of Russian citizens, and forms are not filled at customs.

Border crossing with children from Russia to Belarus

     Children under 14 years old, who do not have thier own passport, must have a birth certificate. The passport of the parent or other accompanying person must be checked at border point.

Visit to Belarus by foreigners

        Entry rules of the republic established visa permits for citizens of other states:

  • Entry permits;
  • Exit permits;
  • Entry and exit permits.

     The planned trip of foreign citizens to Belarus in 2019 provides the obtaining a visa. These rules apply for both short-term and long-term trips.
Foreign citizens can visit Belarus by opening 3 types of visas:

 Transit visa – В.
 Short-term visa – С, up to 3 months.
 Long-term visa – D, up to 3 months.
     In addition, each type can be single, double and multiple.

Registration of a short-term visa

     A short-term visa can be opened for:

     Business, sport and cultural events. The basis for obtainig a visa are the originals of applications of legal entity with all details and signatures ;
     Education. An invitation from the university is required, which must be agreed with the Migration Depertment under the Ministry of the Interior Affairs of the Republic of Belarus;
       Strengthen link and relationship support among the religious organizations. In this case, it is necessary to have a request with all the details and obligations of compliance with laws and conditions of the host country;

     An example of a short-term visa to Belarus   

     Tourist trip. Such type of a visa allows person to stay in Belarus for a month. Tourists must to have a travel document issued by travel agency or a sanatorium indicating all types of services, duration of stay and full details of the company;
     Private visit. Visitors must to have an invitation written by the Migration Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus;
Humanitarian trip. Visitors must to have a document from the agency dealing with humanitarian issues in the Republic of Baelarus or another national authority;
Media workers. Visitors must to have a special permit for such activities in Belarus.     

Registration of a long-term visa to Belarus

     Such type of visa is opened for the same purposes as short-term ones, the requirement do not change, the time of stay increase. Detailed information on such provisions can be found on the official website of Migration Department under the Ministry of internal Affairs of Belarus. To stay in the country for a long time visitor must to have a residence permit in Belarus .

Reasons for denial of entry to Belarus

The reasons for the denial of entry to Belarus can be:

  1.  Violation of customs procedure.
  2.  Short term of validity of the passport at the time of crossing the border.
  3.  Unexpired convictions in Belarus or in another country.
  4.  Exicting administrative offences (more than 5 times a year).
  5.  Unpaid administrative penalty for past stay in Belarus.
  6.  The absence of confirming documents on the availability of a sufficient amount of money for the entire time spent in the republic.
  7.  Delay of departure for the last visit.
  8.  Confirmation that a foreigner has intentions to stay longer than the premitted time, or to leave for a third country for emigration.
  9.  A foreigners threatens to the security of the nation, the established order, morality, to the health of local residents, the rights and freedom of Belarusian residents and guests of the country.
  10.  The decision on a particular citizen which limits his rights of entry.
  11.  The lack of health insurance which is valid in Belarus.
  12.  Person marked in the list prohibiting entry into the country.
  13.  Person marked in the list of undesirable persons at Belarus.
  14.  Information confirming the implementation of extremist and terrorist activities.Such type of activities includes trafficking arms and explosives, drugs and psychotropic substances, as well as assistance in illegal migration and human trafficking.
  15.  Disease from prohibited list.