Visa-free entry into the territory

The Republic of Belarus for foreign citizens

This city is often called a royal: majestic castles, graceful churches, impressive churches attract travelers here. Grodno - a stylish and sophisticated city. He gently invites breathe its air - air past and future, to admire its architectural landmarks, walk through the narrow cobbled streets, dreaming on the banks of the Neman. Fall in love with this city is so simple, but forget it - it is impossible.


Grodno - visa-free entry for foreign nationals

 Grodno - the first city in Belarus, which can be accessed without opening a visa for up to ten days.

Staying longer than 5 days require mandatory registration with the police. It does not apply to residents of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko December 26, 2017 signed a decree № 462 "On establishment of visa-free entry and exit of foreign nationals."

The document establishes the procedure for visa-free entry and exit to the territory of Belarus and temporary stay for tourism purposes for up to ten days in a special tourist and recreational park "Augustow Canal" and

Visa-free travel zone in Grodno on the map


This order is intended for foreign citizens crossing the state border of Belarus and Poland through checkpoints Forest (Rudavka) and Bruzgi (Belostotskaya Forge), with Lithuania through checkpoints Privalka (Švendubrė) and Privalka (Raigardas).


 Documents for visa-free visits Grodno foreigners

If visa-free entry into the Republic of Belarus the foreign citizen at a checkpoint must present:

a valid document for travel abroad (passport); standard document granting the right to visit (we have drawn like a travel company); health insurance;

On the border of the migration card is issued. Note: in case of loss of the migration card is imposed penalty.

it is necessary to obtain the necessary documents:

it is necessary to obtain the necessary documents:

Step 1


Complete the application form



Read the rules


Send the completed

application form

to our e-mail

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to with a copy of your passport personal data


After agreeing on the reserved services, we will send you by e-  mail documents allowing visa-free entry the territory Grodno, Belarus.

To conclude a contract and pay a package of documents for the provision of tourist services

It can be at our office at the following address:

Shopping Center "Old City"

 230005, Grodno ul. Dubko, 17 (1st floor)

10.00 - 21.00

(Without break and output)

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Due to the fact that the visa-free entry made for tourism purposes,

We suggest you visit:

For entry into the Republic of Belarus foreign nationals you should have! 

Detailed legal information for foreign citizens: