Most foreigners need to get a visa to visit Belarus, except for cases of visa-free travel. 

   Under current international agreements of the Republic of Belarus visa is not required for:

   Investors and other persons may enter without a visa (up to 180 days) according to the lists drawn up by the administration of the Industrial Park "Great Stone". In addition, Decree №8 "On the Development of the Digital Economy" establishes the procedure for entry without a visa for foreign citizens hired by residents of the High-Tech Pak, as well as for founders of HTP residents.

   The exception to the holders of diplomatic passports from:

   Citizens of all other countries need a visa.

   How to choose a visa

   Short-term visas are the most commonly used type of visa. Such type of visa issued for up to 90 days and are appropriate for:

   Short-term visas may be for single, double or multiple entry depending on circumstances.

   Tourists usually receive a group short-term visa in a travel company.

   Long-term visas are usually valid for one year and provide for multiple entry to Belarus. Such type of visa appropriate for:

   Transit visa is issued for up to one year and provides two days to get across Belarus.

   How to get a visa

   Visas are issued in:

   The following documents must be submitted for the visa in local consular office:

   Visa on arrival

   All foreign citizens arriving in the Minsk National Airport can get an entry visa at the airport.

   Documents must be submitted in advance (no later the required date) to the Directorate for entry of foreigners of Belarusian MFA General Consular Department:

   In the case of a serious illness or death of a close relative (family member) documents can be submitted at the moment of applying for a visa.

   Visa application

   In case of a positive settlement, visa application takes a maximum of 5 working days from the date of receiving the application.

   Visa cost

   The following rates of consular fees for issuing Belarusian visas has been installed from 1 January 2017:

   Reduced consular fees are set for special status citizens and residents of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Estonia:

   Transit visa (type B):

   Short-term visa (type С):
   Long-term visa (type D) – 60 euros. 

   Visas issued at the National Airport Minsk cost double the usual fare.