To Belarus without a visa
To Belarus without a visa

To Belarus without a visa

To Belarus without a visa

        The choice of souvenirs for guests who decide to visit Belarus to get acquainted with the country and its culture is large, for every taste and budget. From magnets of different shapes and content to collectible badges or folk decorations. But still there are certain fashion trends for souvenirs: some of them people buy much more often than others.


Картинки по запросу белорусская вышиванка

           Vyshivanka is the Belarusian national clothing, which in our time is gaining popularity again. Now our embroidered clothes have reached the international level and have become widely known to people abroad as well.

         Our ancestors did not wear beautiful embroidered clothes every day, they wore it only on special occasions. Clothes with an ornament was stored for weddings and other festive events, it was the “front door”. The red pattern played an important role for our ancestors; it was a talisman that was applied on the edges of clothes in the form of patterns. These patterns protected people from evil, misfortune and death.

       To embroider the pattern on the dress is a hard work, the work can take more than one month, but the result always brought a lot of happiness and benefit. Every craftswoman tried to make her outfit the most beautiful. Embroidery on fabric was a usual home occupation for each woman, embroidery was applied on clothes, towels, tablecloths, but such handicrafts were not exhibited. National Belarusian ornament is not just a decoration of a dress, but a whole story. Each character embroidered on such clothes has a meaning and sacral significance. All patterns can be “unraveled”; they are connected with the land and are a special code of the Belarusian people. Of course, modern embroidered shirts most often represent clothes with a print. The main thing is the value of the pattern applied to clothing.

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Belarusian sweets

        Krasny Pischevik is a Belarusian confectionary enterprise with a rich history. For more than a hundred years, the factory has been producing not only delicious, but also useful sweets: zephyr, marshmallow, and marmalade, whose recipes contain only natural fruits and berries. In many countries, people around the world have appreciated sweets and chocolate produced by Belarusian manufacturers Kommunarka and Spartak. Once in Belarus, you should definitely try these sweet souvenirs: chocolate, sweets (except traditional ones there are exclusive recipes with “gifts” of Belarusian nature – cranberries, blueberries, black currants, rowan berries), syrups and jams from wild berries, sugar berries, caramel and many others. 

Картинки по запросу Белорусские конфеты и сладости

Products from Belarusian flax 

       Since ancient times, Belarusians grow flax on their lands. From the fibers of the plant they wove cloth, sewed clothes, created comfortable and practical household items, made toys for children. Seeds were used for making bread, from them cooked tasty kissel. No wonder that the blue flax flowers adorn the modern emblem of Belarus.

        Today Belarusian flax is a combination of modern technologies, stylish design solutions and the widest range of fabrics and manufactured products. Products from linen fabrics are distinguished by natural purity and environmental friendliness, which is now highly valued throughout the world. The fabric can be both rough (bath towels) and delicate (airy dresses), but at the same time it remains invariably natural.

      Belarusian flax souvenirs: linen clothes, bed linen, tablecloths with embroidery and exquisite decor, napkins, towels, potholders, bags, wallets, and dolls amulets.


Шопинг туриста: что привезти с собой из безвизового Гродно? 

Belarusian alcohol

        In deep old times, Belarusians drank malt liquor with honey, in the fourteenth century moonshine ("Gorelka") appeared, and from the 15th century, beer was brewed at Belarusian Breweries. In the 19th century, large plants began to open, the traditions of which are now being developed by enterprises in the alcohol industry.

       Belarusian vodka made according to old recipes, original tinctures with extracts of medicinal plants (Zubrovka herb from the Belovezhskaya Pushcha), balms with a rich composition of valuable ingredients (herbs and buds of trees, berry fruit drinks, spices, natural honey) are appreciated all over the world. What is worth the famous Belarusian Krambabulya!  

       For guests of the country, alcohol is sold in a souvenir design: glass and clay containers, canvas and leather bags, and wax seal.

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Souvenirs from glass and crystal

     Factories appeared in Belarus more than a hundred years ago. On those factories started to manufacture glass and crystal products. Belarusian glassmaker masters became famous for their delicate artistic taste and the excellent quality of their work. The most famous enterprises are the Neman glass factory and the Borisov Crystal Factory.

    Souvenirs that can be bought in Belarusian shops: glassware and crystal ware (glasses, wine glasses, decanters), flower and fruit vases, candlesticks, paperweight, jewelry boxes, original souvenirs (animal and bird figures, Easter eggs, fruit), stained glass windows.

Шопинг туриста: что привезти с собой из безвизового Гродно?

      In addition, you can buy postcards magnets, mugs in any bookstore or souvenir shop, – all those little things that will remind you of your trip to Belarus.  

      Let your journey across Belarus leave not only vivid impressions, but also be remembered for souvenirs made with soul!