To Belarus without a visa
To Belarus without a visa

To Belarus without a visa

To Belarus without a visa

       Nowadays, some of the dishes that were cooked by the Belarusian ancestors have already been forgotten, but many recipes have been preserved to this day. They are pancakes, dumplings, pickles, soups on kvass or beet, homemade sausages, lard, meat dishes.

     Many Belarusian dishes are made from potato. Among the potato recipes there are pancakes, casseroles, “bulbianaja babka” (potato pudding); fried, boiled, baked, stewed potatoes. In Belarus meat is being eaten less than in neighboring Poland. The most popular kind of meat is pork.

Among the popular national meat dishes are:
  • Bigos – stewed cabbage with meat;
  • Kalduny – potato pancakes with meat;
  • Machanka – usually a dish with various slices of meat in the form of a sauce that is served with pancakes;
  • Smazhanka – meat pie.

     Among the popular modern soups of homemade Belarusian cuisine are “ukha” (fish soup), borshch (beet soup), mushroom and pea soup.

Belarusian desserts 

     Since ancient times, the main sweet dessert for Belarusians was honey. Belarusians love pancakes with honey, honey porridge and pies. Historically, soloduha (dough) were cooked on a honey, jelly, baked apples, gingerbread. They also cooked soloduha (malt dough), kulaga (kissel from berries, flour, sugar and honey), baked apples. Among the famous recipes are sweet pancakes with a cottage cheese machanka, a pear in a Radziwill style. Today, the most popular desserts are Belarusian marshmallows, marmalade, pancakes, and wild berries in sugar.

Картинки по запросу белорусские десерты

Alcohol in Belarus

        Vodka (garelka, burnt wine) is the most popular strong alcoholic drink in Belarus. It appeared at the end of the fifteenth century and gradually became the main type of alcohol. Vodka is being drunk on holidays and special occasions. Also from the alcoholic beverages Belarusian tinctures based on vodka, honey, cranberries under various traditional names (Zubrovka, Krambambulya, etc.) were preserved. Kvass and birch sap are very popular.

Картинки по запросу крамбамбуля

       Belarus is famous for its diverse national dishes. For you, we have compiled a selection of the most famous traditional dishes that are the face of the Belarusian cuisine. Every guest who visited us at least once should try them.


Картинки по запросу драники 

        It is difficult to imagine the Belarusian without dranik. Indeed, raw grated potato pancakes are a wonderful invention. No wonder that all the neighboring nations in their national cuisine have similar dishes word order. In Ukraine, not so long ago, the festival of potato pancakes was held, and in Germany potato pancakes are eaten with jam, not with sour cream ... These facts about the analogies of our pancakes were remembered on the spot, but they are not the only ones.

Beetroot soup

Картинки по запросу свекольник 

       The second, that Belarusian cuisine can be proud of is, of course, cold soups made from beet, sorrel, nettle. Cold soups are exclusively Belarusian culinary tradition. Beetroot soup, or as it is also called – cold – is one of the most delicious and famous traditional dishes.



        What is national cuisine without a unique, local strong alcoholic drink. The Czechs are proud of their Becherovka, the Germans – schnapps, the British – whiskey, the Russians – vodka. You can continue for a long time. We also have our own alcoholic drink, which for the last ten years has been strongly associated with the music project of Lyavon Volsky. From time immemorial Krambabula has been prepared for lush holidays, festivals, and just get-togethers for conversations. The special distinctive taste of honey and spices makes the drink one of the favorite strong drinks of Belarus.

Beer Chowder

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      Beer traditions at one time were very extensive on the Belarusian lands. It is worth reading Henryk Sienkiewicz – no matter how much Mr. Pan Zagloba’s feast is, then beer or honey or beer soup with cheese or sour cream. But time ordered otherwise and, unfortunately, beer in Belarus gave way to stronger and more harmful vodka. A type of soup in which beer is used as a liquid base along with water and broth. Beer soup was popular among Belarusians in the 16th-18th centuries, but the tradition of consuming alcoholic beverages shifted to stronger vodka.



        We got to the Belarusian dessert. This sweet dish of fresh berries, which is prepared very simply: fresh berries (blueberries, lingonberries, viburnum, mountain ash, raspberries) are being put on stove, when the berries boil over, add wheat flour, diluted in a small amount of water, and add honey or sugar. Stir and boil over low heat until the dish acquires the consistency of jelly. Serve best with pancakes, white bread and milk.