Pay for your stay in Belarus

Price 8 euro per person for 1 day

* after payment, within 24 hours, a document will be sent to the email address you specified for submission to border authorities when crossing the border.

Price 10 euro per person from 2 to 10 days

* after payment, within 24 hours, a document will be sent to the email address you specified for submission to border authorities when crossing the border.

The order of entry

What you need to know for a trip to Grodno without a visa:

- Foreign citizens without visas can come to Belarus to the territory of the special tourist and recreational park "Augustovsky Canal" and the adjacent territories.

- Cross the State border of the Republic of Belarus with the Republic of Poland at the crossing points Lesnaya (Rudavka), Bruzgi (Kuznitsa Belostotskaya), with the Republic of Lithuania - at the Privalka (Shvndubre), Privalka (Raigardas)   railway station Grodno, Grodno airport *.

- You can visit the whole territory of the Grodno region and Grodno without a visa.

- The basis for a visit without a visa is a document of a standard pattern issued by a Belarusian travel company to a foreign citizen.

To obtain this document, the tourist needs:

- contact the tourist operator who has the right to make such documents;

- receive confirmation of the right to enter without a visa and receive booked tourist services;

Before departure it is necessary to issue an insurance policy for staying in the Republic of Belarus.

In case of visa-free entry to the Republic of Belarus, a foreign citizen must present at the checkpoint:

- a valid document for traveling abroad (passport);

-the document of the established sample granting the right to visit (it is made out by the tourist firm);

- medical insurance;

A migration card is issued at the border.

Note: when a migration card is lost, a fine is imposed.

Rules of stay in Belarus

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Order Of Stay

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What do you need to enter?

Passport. A document for traveling abroad, valid for a visa-free trip.

Money. For every day of stay requires the presence of a tourist ~ 20 Euros

Tours: At least 2 tourist services and medical insurance for Grodno.

The pass. Free document for a trip without visas, is issued for a redeemed tour


Our company receives individual tourists and groups in Grodno, and also organizes sightseeing tours in Belarus.
We offer the following services: licensed guides, translators, sightseeing tours of the city of Grodno in Russian, English and Polish, hotel accommodation anywhere in the city, professional drivers with transportation.
The program is developed individually for each of our clients for any number of days.
 What is included in our services:
- Accommodation of our clients in hotels throughout the Republic of Belarus.
- Meeting and seeing off.
- Car rental (buses and cars of various price categories).
- VIP service at the airports of Belarus (VIP-order of the lounge at the airport, VIP service for delegations and individuals with / without translation services, luggage delivery to our customers, a week before arrival, a mandatory request).
- Catering and banquet, with the condition of all the preferences of our customers and with different price categories
- Services of highly qualified guides and translators of various languages.
- Ecotourism (booking and accommodation of our clients in various sanatoriums and recreation centers throughout Belarus).
- Organization of forums and conferences in Belarus.
- Organization of various events and concerts with the participation of Belarusian stars, show programs, animated performances. Also organizing visits to theater, ballet and opera performances, concerts, etc.).
- Shopping tours, sightseeing tours in Belarus, weekend tours to visit the sights.
- The provision of visa support in the embassies of Belarus.
- Booking tickets to the railway and bus stations (any of the available destinations at the choice of the client).
- Room reservation in hotels of neighboring countries for citizens traveling on business trips.

Regulatory documents

Edict of the President of Republic of Belarus 26.12.2017 No. 318 “About establishing visa-free procedure of entry and departure of foreign citizens" Read
REGULATION "About the procedure of foreign citizens visiting special tourist and recreational park “Awgustowski canal” and adjoined territories" Read
THE LAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS OF JANUARY 4, 2010 NO. 105-Z "On the legal status of foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Republic of Belarus" Read
ПОСТАНОВЛЕНИЕ СОВЕТА МИНИСТРОВ РЕСПУБЛИКИ БЕЛАРУСЬ от 20 января 2006 г. № 73 "Об утверждении Правил пребывания иностранных граждан и лиц без гражданства в Республике Беларусь" Read
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